Heard a crazy thing from a friend.
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28-12-2014, 06:52 PM
RE: Heard a crazy thing from a friend.
(28-12-2014 12:08 AM)Shadow Fox Wrote:  Apparently a friend of mine has an religious uncle that he lives ..I mean that lives with him and his grandparents. You know, the kind that we get here that is banned quite often. He is basically one of those kinds of theists. Very argumentative and fundamentalist about the infallible bible and will insist that since you don't read the bible then your wrong because its not in the bible etc.

Anyway, apparently, my friend noticed that his uncle spends quite a lot of time reading his book and using a pen to write in the book. Thinking he was just underlining phrases or passages to remember for later he didn't pay too much attention to it until he picked the book up when his uncle was not around and saw that all throughout it, his uncle had scribbled out large portions of the bible that he did not agree with. Where it made it to where you cannot even read it anymore. So if a section said something that he did not agree with and conform to his beliefs, he scribbled it out.

Has anyone else ever heard about this before? Someone scribbling out parts so their infallible book will be more infallible cuz it conforms 100% to what they actually believe? I mean, wtf right? Is this a normal thing that some theists might do? Just cross out stuff in their own book they don't like so they don't have to waste time and energy ignoring it when it comes up.

That's the kind of crazy that is funny at first then makes you worry.

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