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12-10-2012, 07:41 AM
RE: Hello all
(10-10-2012 07:54 PM)sandman Wrote:  I became an atheist 15 months ago. I was raised in a fundamental evangelical church and was devout. Any serious questions I had I put down to a mystery that I would solve in heaven as they were too difficult here and with my childhood indoctrination I couldn't face challenging my faith. Finally about 15 years ago I dropped the idea of hell because - it is crazy and in my old age I was finally starting to face up to the questions. Still it took me 14 more years to give up the rest and what a relief it is!
I feel more at peace than I have ever been. I finally came out to my wife and children last month and to my suprise I find 2 of my children fully agree with me and one is far more liberal in her theology than I thought - ie it doesn't matter to her if miracles like the virgin birth or the stories of eden or the flood are true. I have been following this forum for 15 months and have found it very helpful except for houseofcantor - way too esoteric for me but often entertaining.
Hi Sandman, congratulations to conquering your inner angels! Big Grin 15 months of stalking the forum, really? Damn, if I knew people are looking, I should have watched out for what I write Wink

What's so esoteric about Houseofcantor? He's madly in love about Gwyneth Paltrow and love is a good thing to have. Other than that, he's just thinking with his heart and putting to words feelings that are not easy to put into words, because they must be experienced. These are the mystic characters, though under modern guise of a lack of religion. I've known a man like him on another forum, but unfortunately he died several years ago.
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