Hello, friends!
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09-04-2015, 09:28 AM
RE: Hello, friends!
(08-04-2015 07:25 PM)SteelCurtain Wrote:  Judi, I am going to feign ignorance at your statement about the Ratbirds.

Lmao...Anyone who follows American Football knows of the steadfast rivalry between our two teams and as such, I would expect that sort of an answer from a Shittsburg Squealers fan Big Grin

My 12 year old daughter is a die hard Raven's fan just like me. My oldest step-son, however likes the Steelers and as a result, we have some interesting battles here on game day at the house. My other half is a Cheese-head. My oldest daughter doesn't much care, but she'll cheer on whomever you can talk her into liking. My youngest step-son just likes college football. Alabama, in particular. I like Penn State myself.

We (my daughter and I) have this totally awesome song we like to sing during Ravens/Steelers games:

Ravens go to college
To get more knowledge
Steelers go to Jupiter
To get more stupider

Laugh out loadLaugh out load

OUTSIDE of football... I still like you though and I'll forgive you for your poor choice in a football team.

Sending out only love for ya! HeartHeart
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