Hello... from a new atheist
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17-11-2012, 01:45 PM
Hello... from a new atheist
Hi, I am a new Atheist from right here in the great state of Oklahoma. I was raised a christian, Accepted Jesus at 5 years old, and rejected Santa Claus at 6 which eventually led me to rejecting superstition and religion.... I remember asking "Mom, is Santa Real?" and her just saying "think about it, and tell me what you think" and I worked out that it just didn't make sense that a fat bearded man would be able to fly with reindeer and see every house in the WORLD in just 1 day... It was my first step towards skepticism, and while it took me a long time to finally cast off my beliefs, I always questioned them, and always adjusted them to fit with the facts that would inevitably find their way into my head.... going from a fundamentalist, to a passive christian, to a theist agnostic, to an agnostic and finally to an atheist.

Unfortunately, I am still in the closet due to my super religious family. I came out to my wife who was never really religious and has a degree in biology. She just shrugged and said "ok." which was a relief. But my parents and 4 siblings won't take it as easy.

anyhow, thanks for reading all of this.
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