Hello from a young(ish) athiest
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02-12-2012, 12:36 AM
Hello from a young(ish) athiest
Hello fellow athiests! I am a 14 year old from IL, and have never joined a forum before. I have deeply religious Nazerene parents( Nazerenes are very focused on sanctification and the power of prayer), and have not come out to them yet. I am also homeschooled and soft spoken, and I don't have any friends that aren't Nazerene. I found out about atheism from, of all places, comedy podcasts. From there, I went to YouTube and found videos about it from people like thunderf00t and theamazingathiest. At first, I was stunned at why they didn't believe in my religion, because I had been kept all my life away from reality, the world, and other religions. But, as I began to think about all of the stories they teach in bible school, it all came into place and I saw that the bible is some fairytale, written thousands of years ago. I was about 12 when I found out about that. I am still scared to tell my parents, because I stutter badly and sometimes I mess up my words and come across wrong.. My dad also works at a Nazerene college, where, when I turn 18, will be going, because I will get schooling free, minus room, board, and books. My other family on my dads side is extremely religious and expect me to be as religious as them. My moms side isn't religious at all, and I think they would be more open to atheism. Well, I'm sorry if I rambled. I am known not to be the best writer, but I hope I get to talk and get to know the rest of you!
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