Help! Confused!
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15-03-2015, 05:50 PM
RE: Help! Confused!
(14-03-2015 11:53 PM)Reltzik Wrote:  So, bottom line, the leap of faith doesn't REVEAL the proof. It CREATES the proof. It manufactures it. It engages and coopts you into the business of proof-fabrication which is at the heart of sacred theology.

There's a reason they get so exasperated that you won't simply TRY it. The hope is that you'll have some kind of personal subjective experience that feels "subatantiate-ish". Some sort of emotional release / relief or even a full-on "peak experience" that's remarkable and preferably unique to you. Failing that, simply staying with it long enough to establish rituals and habits -- prayer, Bible study, the shifting of your social time over to their group, attending church and so on eventually manufactures its own reality.

Then there is the demand that you publicly confess Jesus as lord, which once you do it, makes it hard to back out without losing face. This is most of the reason why baptism, particularly the full immersion kind, still survives as a "thing".
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