Help for Heroes.
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16-03-2012, 10:00 AM
Help for Heroes.
Saw a magazine today whilst out that was by "Help for Heroes"

For those of you outside of the UK Help for Heros is described by themselves as this..........

Quote:Help for Heroes was founded by Bryn and Emma Parry in October 2007 out of a desire to help the wounded Servicemen and women returning from Afghanistan and Iraq. The message of the charity is simple: We are strictly non political and non critical; we simply want to help. We believe that anyone who volunteers to serve in time of war, knowing that they may risk all, is a hero. These are ordinary people doing extraordinary things and some of them are living with the consequences of their service for life. We may not be able to prevent our soldiers from being wounded, but together we can help them get better.

A lot of people seem to think that this is a good idea...... now I dont mind certain charitys but I think a lot of people overlook this........

Why is the UK goverment not helping these people, why should it come down to "charity" to help these people???

Now obviously I realise that it takes money to run a charity and such..... that all money raised and donated isnt given to the cause. Now when I looked at the bottom of the main page of the H4H website it states this......

Quote:Help for Heroes is a Company limited by Guarantee
Registered in England and Wales under number 6363256.
Registered Charity number 1120920

Id never heard of "limited by guarantee" so I decided to google it and wikipedia came up with the following results.

Quote:In British and Irish company law, a private company limited by guarantee is an alternative type of corporation used primarily for non-profit organisations that require legal personality. A guarantee company does not usually have a share capital or shareholders, but instead has members who act as guarantors. The guarantors give an undertaking to contribute a nominal amount (typically very small) in the event of the winding up of the company. It is often believed that it cannot distribute its profits to its members but (depending on the provisions of the articles) this is not actually true.[1] However a company limited by guarantee that distributes its profits to members would not be eligible for charitable status.

So in that I found very interesting.........

Upon further exploration of the site I came across the "shop" on there webpage.

The "shop" though is different as it is a limited trading company..... yes it states that all profits go to the cause but obviously without further investigation and without this turning into a conspiracy theory I begin to wonder if anybody does make a profit from this??? Surely the people who make the products..... hold a production line (or buy the product in).... in buildings..... with workers and this all costs money.

I dunno...... I just think all of it is fucked up...... charitys like this shouldnt really exist in the fact that people should be looked after, especially by the goverment that sent them over there. Now I know that obv soldiers know the risks they take and I dont really want to go there as I feel it is irrelevant.... because regardless of the morality behind it these people get injured and need help.

I didnt know where to post this...... so if a Moderator feels it should belong somewhere else then please move it to the relevant area.

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16-03-2012, 12:45 PM
RE: Help for Heroes.
This is the kind of conspiracy I could actually believe, but let's not jump the gun shall we? There needs to be some investigative journalism or some kind of implication of misconduct before we can conclude that it's happening. Charities etc. are supposed to have audits done fairly regularly I believe, and this is a high profile one. It's even possible that the results of such audits are publicly available.
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