Help save this women's college.
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09-04-2015, 05:58 AM
RE: Help save this women's college.
(04-04-2015 10:07 AM)Gilgamesh Wrote:  
(04-04-2015 10:06 AM)Chas Wrote:  Do any still exist? If there isn't a demand, they won't exist.

Even if there is a demand, they wouldn't exist.

But they do exist.

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09-04-2015, 06:11 AM
RE: Help save this women's college.
(05-04-2015 10:16 PM)earmuffs Wrote:  
(04-04-2015 09:18 AM)ClydeLee Wrote:  Is there still a decent amount of women and blacks that may want to go to a school specified to them in a way. As long as that exists, I'd think it's still the time for it.

It's not some criteria only about giving minorities the same chances of going to college as others or any debate like that. It's still a situation of some desiring an environment that has less of some hassles that still do exist far too much at main universities.

While yes diversity in universities is a method to help combat these issues, it's not like that's limited by some minimal percent of specific style schools across the country. Having those option still open is also allowing for there to be that diversity of experience and choice as well.

If they expect white people to be inclusive, they can start by being inclusive towards white people. If that makes sense.
it's not as racist a comment as it comes across as

I thought the desire is to be diverse and accepting of alternative approaches. If that's the goal you need still diverse schools and alternative ones. Diversity works in all ways as in whole student bodies being so and college atmosphere options being diverse.

I think there are good systems to keep these afloat like Mt. Holyhoke in Massachusetts is an all girls dorm college. But it is apart of this 5 school system bus's run too connected to UMass and 3 others. So you can take classes at any of the schools apart from your main college, but that gives a semi-womens college experience at least in the on campus area. Programs uniting colleges probably would work better than letting them all go.

In this whole thing I'm not for really giving this specific school money of just random donations to keep it afloat for, a likely short term. There are better ways to expand the college universe but I don't think letting all exclusivity schools fade out is the process. Make the situations desirable.

"Allow there to be a spectrum in all that you see" - Neil Degrasse Tyson
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09-04-2015, 06:34 AM
RE: Help save this women's college.
I don't see it as my duty to tell women or blacks that they can't have their own colleges - If they feel they should have, it's their business - Because guess what, I'm not black or female so I can't know how it's like to live in this world as such, so I prefer to not make assumptions - The ideal would be an all inclusive college, but I don't oppose certain categories of people having exclusive college groups - Personally I've witnessed how sexist engineering courses can be so it's not like I believe colleges are fully equal for everybody

"A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything" - Friedrich Nietzsche
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09-04-2015, 10:40 AM
RE: Help save this women's college.
If anything, they seem like they'd just perpetuate sexism/racism. If I think a certain group of people can't do something, and then they all scuttle over to only do things within their group, that just reinforces that idea more. My mind says "See, they can't even make it through courses unless they go somewhere with lower standards", and that idea is just going to carry over into the professional world. "What makes you think you're on my level? You had to go to a coddling school just to get by."

(And no, I'm not saying women's or black colleges have lower standards, I'm just saying if I was against either group this would probably be my mindset.)

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