Help with deprogramming
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14-06-2016, 08:33 PM
RE: Help with deprogramming
(14-06-2016 06:58 PM)goodwithoutgod Wrote:  
(14-06-2016 06:39 AM)kathariskepsi316 Wrote:  Hello, all. I am new here and have only made one post, my introduction. I am still in the closet, as coming out would quite possibly mean the loss of my job, house, and even perhaps custody of my children. My life is horribly tied up with my super religious parents, as in - I work for them and they own my house and if I do something they disagree with, its lectures and family gossip conversations, and coming over uninvited just to "check in". Church is one of those things that I "have" to do in order to keep the peace and my home and my job. I do have an exit strategy, but it is painfully long and drawn out (I will finish school in about three years and at that time, will move someplace else when I get a job in my chosen field). In the meantime, I am socially pressured to continue going to church and taking my kids, but I have started having rational, truthful conversations with them afterward instead of not talking to them and hoping they forget what they learned. I have also made up my mind that as long as I have to be there, I will learn from it. I downloaded the Skeptics Annotated Bible onto my Kindle and have been using that in church. I come home and type up notes on the sermons and what is contradictory or whatever. I found out that the Sunday School classes are going to be studying "A Case for Christ" in the upcoming weeks. I went online and found books with counter-arguments and I will be reading those books simultaneously. I don't know if I will have the guts to speak out, but I am trying to do things to help myself. I guess these are small steps in deprogramming. But my main thing is that my mind still has all these songs and scriptures and stuff floating around in it and it drives me insane. And even though I know I am talking to no one, my first instinct internally is still prayer. I have to stop myself multiple times a day and say "What are you doing?!?!?" Do these things fade over time? I have 36 years of deprogramming to do. I know it won't happen overnight, but if someone has some advice, that would be great.

Knowledge, knowledge builds confidence, knowledge builds assuredness, knowledge builds the road that leads you down the epistemological path to truth. Read, read some are some talking points to flesh out your confidence that you chose the right side of the theological debate:

Glad you found us

I took your links for Jewelarcher Tongue I was going to compose some for her, but you put them all here, Praise FSM! Big Grin Wink
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15-06-2016, 08:52 AM
RE: Help with deprogramming
Oh jeez. Lee Strobel. Facepalm

As so many here have said, education is the best way to cure the cancer. I do have a question though, is the Case For Christ they are going to be reading the kid's version? My wife bought that for our kids and it is much, much, worse than TCFC in terms of the garbage Strobel peddles. If it is, I would suggest reading it and then discuss with your kids.

"If we are honest—and scientists have to be—we must admit that religion is a jumble of false assertions, with no basis in reality.
The very idea of God is a product of the human imagination."
- Paul Dirac
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15-06-2016, 12:00 PM
RE: Help with deprogramming
(15-06-2016 08:52 AM)The Organic Chemist Wrote:  Oh jeez. Lee Strobel. Facepalm


Every time I have been handed a book by Lee Strobel, usually from a Christian family member, I am not even ten pages in before I have to pause because my mind can only repeat, "For fuck's sake... does he really think this is a legitimate argument?!?"

"Theology made no provision for evolution. The biblical authors had missed the most important revelation of all! Could it be that they were not really privy to the thoughts of God?" - E. O. Wilson
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