Here are the few ideas to get your special gift ready for Valentine's Day
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08-02-2010, 06:05 AM
Here are the few ideas to get your special gift ready for Valentine's Day
1. Be creative. Brainstorm about different locations in your house for sex that would work, or maybe surprise your husband with one night's stay at a local hotel. Think of different ways to create mood using candles, music, massages, lotions, scents or foods. For example, you can let those chocolate kisses live up to their name and eat chocolate together when lovemaking.

2. Be aggressive. A man dreams of being pursued by his lover. He longs to feel wanted and needed. Your husband doesn't want to have sex with a lifeless victim. Be aggressive and take charge in the bedroom. Your husband won't mind following your lead one bit.

3. Be a planner. Put your love rendezvous on the calendar. Write your husband a note inviting him to a night of great sex. Write the time and date on the bathroom mirror with lipstick. Create a sense of anticipation and plan for a special night of intimacy together.

4. Be attractive. If you were going out to dinner with your girlfriends, you would put on makeup and do your best to look attractive. Give the same care and attention to your appearance before you make love to your husband. When you look your best, you will feel sexier and your husband will be reminded of the beauty he married.
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