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15-10-2012, 02:02 PM (This post was last modified: 16-10-2012 12:34 PM by FSM_scot.)
Hi ya all...

Can you imagine this; Jesus is really an alien who lives in outer space on some planet
with the same charactors as an earth fly. Well he is a death god who is a invasive species to our earth flies when ever some one dies those flies come out of no where so does Jesus, but he wants a head start a simple tip that either you or some one else is dying a simple prayer is all that is necssary he craves that moresoul of food that the same earth flies are eager for. Jesus carries a pouch of opium like a medic when he first arrives he puffs it into your head real lucid dreaming. But watch out imagine this he takes you all the way back to his alien planet that looks like white sandstone with fog about 20 feet visbility. You may converse with the latest arrivals then spoof he flips his finger and you are put for an eternity into a sandstone cliff that is pourest with billions of others whaling of the treatment! Well I'm an early space and planet explorer and that was what I found out. If you would like to know about my early childhood? Here is a good E read title [LINK REMOVED] Thanks folks.
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