Hi Good People - Joining Intro
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19-12-2011, 02:26 AM
Hi Good People - Joining Intro
Hi Good Thinking People,

By way of brief intro my name is Kevin, British, ex Navy now offshore Telecomms specialist for Oil & Gas Industry, residing in Indonesia with my wife Tiffani and 3 gorgeous children Ryan (5), Katie (3) and Michelle (1.5).

Indonesia as they are very fond of reminding everyone is of course the world’s most populous muslim nation, not surprising as everything else is pretty much illegal or persecuted. After 19 years in the Forces I have seen, and held people while they died, some children, and had close brushes myself, in addition having spent most of my life travelling I have also seen what effect religions of all shades and dogma’s has on people, families, communities, cultures and economies.

Although never a strong believer I followed the UK childhood herd like most of my generation, until the experiences above proved to me the truth about the myths. My first serious doubt was as a baby sailor of 17yo with my ship visiting Civitavecchia (Port of Rome), as the youngest aboard my Navy Frigate I was ‘’invited’’ to a private audience with the Pope, (later finding out the British Govt actually paid GBP 3K for the privilege - but that’s by the way). In St Peter’s Square I witnessed priests taking money from obviously very poor widows in return for a simple blessing, then on entering the Basilica I had the revelation – completely opposite to the one intended – that the catholic church was nothing but a business, selling power and control over and to the poor and ignorant. I have seen the same from the Philippines, to Brazil, to Dublin. As an aside the ‘’private audience’’ comprised of joining an auditorium with 2,000 others for a 5 minute prayer and a wave, while everyone fell to their knees I could not join them as by then confusion had turned to realisation and a burning anger. Pleased to say the joke was on the catholic church though – because I am a protestant!

I will not even start on the others, from the Indonesian mullah’s from whom I expend considerable energy protecting my children from, to my visits to Tel Aviv – another time.

Apologies I digress – back to the intro! I am not really one for blogs and forums, time being my biggest debtor, although I do enjoy Twitter occasionally and go by the same name, I will apologise now if I steal any quotes from here that strike me as salient – but 140 characters are just simply not enough for credits. Having followed the superb video output from TTA on YouTube for a while and failed to find you on Twitter I have decided to join the Forum – pleasantly surprised at the vibrancy and intellect (not to mention courage) of the members and wish I had looked up the site a long time ago – finally driven to it by the video eulogy for Hitch, whose tragic loss has significantly weakened the forces of reason, but as the last frame says it is now up to us to carry Hitches torch and keep it burning.

A further apology – but as mentioned unless I have a rant my posts will be limited by time pressures, but I will try my best to keep up. For info this is the longest note/posting/personal thingy I can remember, I may possibly fall foul of a word limit (Twitter conditioning!).

Thanks in advance for letting me in and I look forward to some intellectual gymnastics. Everybody have a safe, happy, healthy and loving holidays.

god hides within the gaps of human knowledge - his hiding places are getting smaller. Welcome Higgs Boson
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