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22-05-2013, 09:32 AM
Smile Hi everybody
Hi Thinking Atheists,
Just thought that going ahead posting and answering without even introducing myself was not the most polite thing in the world...

I'm 44, italian, and was raised in a we-are-catholics-since-everybody is family... went to catholic schools during preschool and the first 8 years of school, got
1 baptism
1 first communion
1 whatchamagonnacallit... confirmation I think is the english word
1 wedding
1 wedding nullification by Sacra Rota (and THAT is funny... trust me)

Like a lot of italians i was catholics just because... didn't go to church, didn't do anything special really, but I was... then something sparked and I was "forced" to think rationally about it (specifically after a rant by my geova's witness sister about the sanctity of life and the horror of abortion and gay marriage) and came out with a big "what the xxxx???" and it was the end of it.

I got married again and have a wonderful 3yo son, work for a pharmaceutical company as Field Force Effectiveness & Demand Manager (and try to avoid CTS every time I wrote that down) and on the side I am a non-recreational Poker Player and Coach.

Hope to have a lot of stimulating discussions here with all of you! Big Grin
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