"Hi to the crew!"
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15-01-2012, 10:03 PM
"Hi to the crew!"
I recently registered over on some other atheist forums. However, after seeing some videos via the thinking atheist and reading some things.. I wanted to join up on here. Being able to communicate with like minds and people who enjoy intelligent conversation, well, I can't pass that up.

I guess you could say I'm simply a skeptic. For a very long now I have had my doubts of religion. As a child, I enjoyed reading books on the universe. They always fascinated me. I remember the time as a teenager I read Stephen Hawking's: A Brief History of Time. While at the time I did not understand the math very well in much of it... theory, explanation and everything in it was just intriguing. I came to my science teacher and we discussed it. I remember going to him and talking about black holes. I couldn't help but go home and spend hours looking up about the cosmos. I was absolutely addicted to learning more. But of course when my parents figured this out, well, he must have been a bad teacher, perhaps he was an atheist, well, he can't be trusted. He believed evolution, that was ungodly. How dare he. The questions mostly stopped for the time being due to the scrutiny. It never stopped me from looking things up myself.

My family has always been extremely religious. I never could really get into it like them. I always in the back of my mind wondered: "Is this religion right? Does god exist? Why are there so many religions in the world that are 'right' and every religion is 'the right religion'... what about me? What do I think?" but because that was be blasphemous, horrible, evil to think such things, I of course never discussed it with them. I found it frustrating when I started questioning things and finding everything contradictory to how I was raised. All these new things, lots of great evidence. Why did I spend so much time believing all the crap?

I met my wife without any mutual religious problems. We both would call ourselves agnostic. Though the more I've researched, read, the more I lean heavily towards just simply calling myself an atheist. As much as I'd like to believe a god is out there... I'd rather let the guiding tools of science, theory and logic find their way into explaining things. Why try and explain with the assumption there is a god when I can rather try and explain who I am. Where do I come from? How?

The only person I've really been able to confide in within real life about my real outlook on things has been her. I will at some point likely break it to my family. But not now. Once I feel more comfortable.

I spent most of my childhood dabbling in technology in computers. Even today my occupation deals with server maintenance, scripting and even some networking. In my off time I study language and wrench on cars. I love restoring old beater cars, mostly german cars.

So here I am.

For what it's worth - I love this video.

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15-01-2012, 11:17 PM
RE: "Hi to the crew!"
Welcome! Thanks for the intro. We look forward to your contributions here. Smile

It was just a fucking apple man, we're sorry okay? Please stop the madness Laugh out load
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16-01-2012, 02:27 AM
RE: "Hi to the crew!"
Hello, Mr Logisch

Glad you never stopped thinking. Isn't it great? Universe, technology, REASON Smile
Have fun here


"Freedom is the freedom to say that 2+2=4" - George Orwell (in 1984)
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16-01-2012, 08:02 AM
RE: "Hi to the crew!"
Hey there! Welcome to TTA.

[Image: dog-shaking.gif]
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