High Tech Vs; Mysticism
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14-05-2012, 07:16 AM (This post was last modified: 14-05-2012 07:20 AM by justmetoo.)
High Tech Vs; Mysticism
What if any would be the difference between magic and high tech to those not accustomed to such devices? Could their presence be kept under wraps to an entire society and what would be the fail safe if this knowledge were inadvertently revealed.

I am in the process of writing a Sci-fi story about this very thing and would like to set up the discussion by explaining the storyline. This is not a discussion on religion or spirituality. It is the use of such things, by a more advanced civilization to ensure loyalty by those they which to control.

The entire thing is about a world inhabited by felaniod creatures who are indoctrinated into a cult orientated police state and are born and breed to slavishly reverence to a supreme entity . They are told, there is no higher honor than to lay down their lives for this being and are trained from the time the are able to pick up a weapon, to fight.

Their society is based on a hierarchy of the lawgivers on the top. Immediately below them are The Devotees that run what passes for police worldwide. Then comes the Breeders, who are actively encouraged to
higher and higher production of infants. Those who produce more are taken care of by the state and gain more praise and honor as they continue.

Those who are born are schooled in mystic schools from the time they can remember that their only worth is to serve the being and to fulfill their honored duties as his son's and daughters. Those who the lawgivers deem worthy are destined to be the warrior class in service to their supreme being. Those that don't hit the mark are designated as
breeders and are quote/unquote encouraged to mate with as many mates as possible and are held in high honor for doing so. The state does the rest.

These creatures of the warrior class train until they are called to service, usually between 14-20 . At which time they must enter into the gates of paradise paradise which is a massive gated city, high in the remote mountainous area of their planet. No one other than those chosenmay enter utopia or even get within the foothills unless they are
called. Those that attempt this are engulfed in holy fire from the invisible guardians defending the path. Of those that are chosen only gain additional wisdom in the use of holy garments and, after a time ascend into heaven by huge flaming chariots of metal. Those that ascend, never return.

In reality the entire planet is a breeding ground for warriors crafted, mind and body for a technologically advanced race that claim to be supreme beings. These beings use these creatures as cannon fodder in an ageless galactic war, who's enemies are designated as Evil and the Felanoids are thrown at them in service of what they think are Gods.
They are trained and armored in high tech armor and are sent into battle with warrior priests that seem to have mystic power of magic.

What the story centers around a skeptic that witnesses the death of one of these Warrior priests, and finds out that their mystic power is only a high tech contraption that misfires and kills everyone in his unit, except for him

He escapes a hostel after a failed attempt at killing him and heads towards the planet of his birth to reveal the fraudulent nature of the culture itself. The story, I'm writing deals with his exploits and the exploits of those sent to silence him.

I have some ideas, but they really seem like they've been hashed over in earlier books.
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14-05-2012, 07:53 AM
RE: High Tech Vs; Mysticism
Spoilers dude! Tongue

I like the concept, it's not new, but it has potential for a nice twist, as you tell it, it seems more oriented at the social side of the story and not so much to the technological part, which is good imo Big Grin

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15-05-2012, 03:13 AM
RE: High Tech Vs; Mysticism
I like the concept. Touches upon some nasty theist practises: Brainwashing, and keeping your flock ignorant.

You should go for it, I for one would love to read a story like that.

When writing a story, try not to worry too much about what has been done before. Any idea is going to sound vaguely similar to something else. JK Rowling made a bazillion pounds by rehashing old themes and stories and mixing them into one big pot. Whatshername published the Hunger Games which was a complete rehash of Battle Royale. And the person who won the short story for a local Sci Fi competition last year basically just rewrote Asimov's Nightfall.

In the end what matters is the way you tell it, the depth of the characters, and the intricacy of the world you're creating.

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15-05-2012, 05:45 AM
RE: High Tech Vs; Mysticism
(14-05-2012 07:16 AM)justmetoo Wrote:  I have some ideas, but they really seem like they've been hashed over in earlier books.

Know what happens when you have an original thought? No one knows wtf you're talking about. So there it is. Tongue

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