Hipocrisy? yes, but it pays the rent.
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12-05-2011, 08:16 AM
Hipocrisy? yes, but it pays the rent.
Im suspicious of how many religious teachers and preachers are fully signed up to the whole deal? most of the atheist's that i know who came from religion had actually read the bible cover to cover and that was why they decided that something wasn't quite right.

If you are a preacher then i'm guessing you know the holes in your arguement better than most and when your alone and it's quiet and you get that voice in your head it must be telling you a whole world of contradiction and confronting you with a mountain of tough questions, which is why we see from time to time a vicar or a priest who is "reformed" and fights the atheist corner with knowledge and confidence.

The problem is what else can these people do? when they get to the top they get accomodation, tax breaks a company car and a job for life so they would have a massive reason to just keep towing the line and cherry picking the bit's that make sense for the odd sermon.

Just keep smiling.

This is where the problem, this is where change really needs to happen, why did the pope question the work of the large hadron colider? if his faith was so strong then he should welcome any challenge that should in the end only strengthen his belief?

He does not believe, and i don't think that many do at the top, how could they with what they must know and what they see, it is about control and power.

I think that if more of the front line preachers who have doubt's were allowed to open up a debate on the problems with the story of God and the Bible as a whole and used public gatherings in church as a place for the search for truth and moral guidance then who would argue with that?

Ex preachers should go back to church, just because you have lost your faith you should not lose your church there is even more reason to continue, to be genuine and to be an example of strength to others.
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12-05-2011, 09:42 AM
RE: Hipocrisy? yes, but it pays the rent.
I think you know you're pretty much preaching to the choir here. Atheists know religion is BS. And consequently ministers are pimps of BS.
However, tax exempt status goes a long way to persuade that new Bentley is god's will.
I once saw a minister of a AME church, who was dressed like a peacock pimp, say that if his congregation loved him they wanted him to have a new Rolls Royce!
And surrounding him, as he said this, while wearing a huge hat and hefting a silver walking stick, was his congregation who were crowing; yes! yes! Hallelujah!

I think your post would serve best at a Christian forum. You'd get responses relative to what you're seeking to solicit here and you may very well get through to a lot of people who haven't seen things from that perspective before.

Remember, a lot of Christians and other religious types, only know what atheism is from what they've heard their peers condemn it to be. Or , what they imagine it must be, as the worst contrary "tool of Satan" there is, to their salvation.

Getting a chance to think outside the box, when they look to that pulpit and imagine they're looking at god's anointed mouth piece, may help more people than you could imagine possible.
Something in 2007 made atheist book titles outsell religious for the first time in publishing history. Not only was it obviously the same old traditional programming wasn't satisfying the seeker anymore, but clearly minds were opening to think outside of the fear paradigm that had been installed for generations.
Your post stands to lend it's part to that area of service. Believe it or not, the more people think outside of prescribed fable, the better.

What a beautiful thing if more ministers had less choirs and parishioners to speak to. Wink If that happened exponentially we might save the world after all.
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