Historicity Of The Christian Greek Scriptures
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31-10-2012, 09:55 PM
Historicity Of The Christian Greek Scriptures
I have challenged Mark Fulton to a debate on the historicity of the Christian Greek scriptures, often incorrectly referred to as "The New Testament."

Suggested topics from my part would include brief explorations of History or Myth? When Written? Eyewitness Testimony, Textual Trustworthiness, Documentary Evidence and Archaeological Evidence, but since this is a new experimental forum, this is negotiable. We can work that out with the Moderator and Referee Stark Raving.

You have expressed possible limitations in leisure time in which to devote to the debate so this is flexible. Post as you are able. You have also expressed a concern for the unusual nature of my non-Christian theism, but I don't think that that will be a problem. I simply see things the way the early Christians did before Constantine and apostasy. If this creates a problem for either of us we can discuss it with Stark and come to a mutual agreement.

I would also like for stark to make the corresponding thread for the participation of other members outside of the debate.

If you and Stark agree with this I will begin the debate. Also, each of you feel free to amend this outline and upon my agreement will begin.
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