Homecoming and Natural Selection
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26-09-2012, 07:24 PM
RE: Homecoming and Natural Selection
(15-09-2012 09:39 PM)DreamWeaver Wrote:  Something must’ve gone wrong with our species. Everywhere you look, the females of the species are the ones that are drab and dull. But in our species, it’s completely switched around. You can definitely see this at homecoming. Girls that are considered the prettiest are picked to go out and buy expensive dresses and spend a fortune on makeovers. At homecoming we promote this. Isn't that.....well, a little odd?

Is there another species that does this? That singles out a certain quality like beauty to promote in such a ceremonial way? If they did, I certainly don’t think that it would be a very successful species. What happened in the course of history that made our species so advanced that they could spend time on petty things like beauty (of an individual)? And why, in our species, is it the women who go out of their way to be showy and attract men instead of the other way around?

The truth is that we aren't the most successful species ourselves, on the happiness side. We hate, we create wars, and we take offense very easily. Our brain makes up for that fact.

We have the ability to create tools and machinery which makes up for the lack of understanding of our own selves.
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