How Historians Will View the "War on Terror"
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28-05-2013, 11:11 PM
RE: How Historians Will View the "War on Terror"
(28-05-2013 11:00 PM)ClydeLee Wrote:  Already with the general academics mocking the ideas of the start of the Iraq War leads to show it will be written about in plenty of dark lights.

Hopefully in ways equal of that as the war on drugs, the war on terror will be something held in shame as a phoney effort proped up by fear and black&white views of evil.

I'll take that as a compliment. I hope you're right.

Also, I was lazy about answering the earlier questions by evenheathen. Sorry, I've just talked about it enough times that it is kind of annoying to me to re-explain. Hope understand. Basically, I am against the wars. I am a libertarian and I think minding one's own business is generally the best course of action, but in any case going to war should be approved of the country which is sending it's troops off to fight and die. Americans do not what us over there, even most of our representatives don't want us there and no congressional declaration of war was ever made so I am of the opinion that the current wars are illegal. Same could be said of Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, and possibly others such as Bosnia, Libya, and other smaller operations though those are more debatable. In any case the war in Iraq, I think, was the biggest offense of all as it had little to no connection whatsoever to out supposed reasons to re-invade the middle-east. I never fought in Iraq, however. I did deploy to Afghanistan, and at the time I didn't fully condemn the war in Afghanistan, though I did think it was time to end the war. While I was there and I learned more and developed my political philosophy better and my opinion was truly formed.

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