How I'll be "celebrating" Easter tomorrow
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02-04-2013, 04:51 PM
Re: RE: How I'll be "celebrating" Easter tomorrow
(02-04-2013 02:27 PM)Momsurroundedbyboys Wrote:  
(02-04-2013 02:13 PM)TheLogicalAthiest Wrote:  I get pissed off here in the UK that we have restricted Sunday opening times. It might be the same in the US, i'm not sure. Shops are only open for 6 hours, which is a pain as that only leaves Saturday to go shopping properly and it is always busy. On Easter Sunday no large shops (over 280 square meters) are allowed to open which is stupid as like you say there should be a separation of church and state.

Here it varies from state or county to county...
In California you can booze anywhere that carries it until 2am. Here in Oregon, the state controls all alcohol. Places can sell beer and wine...but the hard stuff is controlled by state run liquor stores. The state sets the prices and decides sales etc. the individual store doesn't matter -- even tho they are independently owned they only get to choose what they carry...they can't determine the cost they sell it for.

Citadel Gin is something I can't find ever here. I can't order it from out of state...

I really need to drive to California for a booze run. I refuse to spend 40 bucks for Jim Beam when I can get twice the amount for half the price in California.

I live in Missouri and while most of everything sucks, our alcohol laws are really lax. You can buy any kind of alcohol (hard, beer, wine) until 1:30 am. And you can't buy alcohol until after 9 am on Sunday. Other then that, you're golden. Also, stores regulate all prices. We have a Food 4 Less here and all alcohol is around 2 bucks cheaper there.
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