"How To" Guides & Forum Organizational Structure
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08-07-2014, 11:54 PM
"How To" Guides & Forum Organizational Structure
"How To" Guides
"How To"; New Members
To become a part of the community, you click on "Register" and follow the instructions. Once your account is active, you can simply create your first post. It is traditional, but not compulsory, to create your first post in the Introductions section. You must have your first post approved by a member of the Forum Team before it appears. This is NOT a way of weeding out "undesirables", it's a way of detecting spambots before their posts can be seen. If you're a human being, your account will be approved no matter what.

"How To"; Suggestions
If you would like to make a suggestion or offer any feedback regarding the forum, there are two main ways to do so. If you would like the entire forum to be able to see your suggestion and contribute to it, you can create a thread in the Forum Issues, Suggestions and Comments section. If you would rather keep your suggestion private, you can create your thread in Forum Team Matters. That way, only you and the Forum Team will be able to access it.

"How To"; Complaints
If you have an issue with a specific post, you can use the 'report' button at the bottom right hand corner of the relevant post to bring it to the attention of the Forum Team. When you click on 'report', you will see a box in which you can enter your comment. Please be as specific as possible with your comment in order to help us help you.

"How To"; Contributors
Click here for information on how to become a Contributing Member.

"How To"; Intimacy and Relationships section
Click here for information on gaining access to the Intimacy and Relationships section.

Organizational Structure
New Members
New members of the forum. You become regular members after 30 posts and 14 days. Again, welcome aboard.

"We are the members of the forum and the main reason why the forum exists."

Contributing Members
"We are the members of the forum who have contributed financially to The Thinking Atheist community."

"We are the people who have previously worked on the forum."

"We are the people who have previously been an Admin on the forum."

"We are the foot-soldiers; the operations department. We deal with your requests and incidents on a day-to-day basis."

"We are the forum's everyday management, implementors of changes, and may serve as tie-breakers for Administration deadlock."

"The Administrator(s) oversee the forum and are responsible for negotiating between different value objectives and setting direction for the Forum Team."

The Creator
The founder of The Thinking Atheist himself. Due to his busy schedule, Seth rarely has time to visit the forums. DO NOT CONTACT SETH FOR FORUM RELATED MATTERS. The forum is run separately from the rest of TTA organisation and website; any emails regarding the forum sent to Seth are forwarded to the Admins.

People, Skills and Competencies
The forum is run by volunteers. The Forum Team is made up of people with various viewpoints. We aim to have a balanced set of skills that ideally represent the culture of the forum.

The members of the Forum Team are all regular members of the forum who have agreed to help keep the place running; as such, most of their interactions here are just as forum members. Official posts from Administrators will be in green. Official posts from Super-Moderators will be in purple. Official posts from Moderators will be in pink. If a post is official, these colors will match the user's username. Any Admin, Super-Mod or Mod not posting in these colors is not posting officially but as just an ordinary forum member. We also ask that forum members do not place members of The Forum Team on ignore for any reason -- if you have a problem with a member of The Forum Team contact the Admin or Supermod. Members of The Forum Team should not use the ignore feature.

If you have a specific issue with the actions of a member of the Forum Team and would like to contact someone specifically about it, you can private message (PM) an Admin. If you have a specific issue with the actions of an Admin, you can PM the other Admin/SuperMod

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