How/Why did Islam get founded?
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15-04-2016, 05:48 AM
RE: How/Why did Islam get founded?
(05-04-2016 07:09 AM)Birdguy1979 Wrote:  
(04-04-2012 04:24 PM)Crusher Wrote:  It's a complicated question with a difficult answer but what I mean is: Did Islam get founded because either Christianity or Judaism was increasing in popularity over the world but the people representing those religions realized the arabic world had nothing in common with either religions so they started to make an arabic version of it, namely Islam. Because teaching people about a religion they have nothing in common with is not good for business.
So basically the question is, was that the case, am I completely wrong about it or is there no definitive answer?

Also, hi, I'm new.

It could be as simple as someone with power back in those days said "What do you mean I can sleep with 8 year olds anymore?". Then he started islam.
This is a small part of how Islam came to be defined, Islam itself came to be founded because Mo was convinced of being God's messenger, interpreting his own thoughts and convictions as being messages from God/Allah brought down by an Angel (his 'visions'in the cave).
On his travels he encountered Jews and Christians and was influenced by their teachings. In Mecca, after having married his rich wife Khadija he then had the leisure and means to preach to the then 'heathen' Arabs of the oneness of God, based on the Judaic belief system.
He was patient and forgiving, which is reflected in the surah's of that particular time because he was still starting out and wasn't in a position of power.
Later when he migrated to Yathrib/ Medina because it became impossible to stay in Mecca, he was welcomed by the tribes there who pledged their support, as did the Jewish tribes who were very important to the local economy.
Once Mo was in a position of power, partly from raiding Meccan caravans, his personality started to change, now being more aggressive and asserting his authority. One by one he occupied the Jewish districts and forced their occupants to flee with only the basic essentials, I think the last tribe was killed and the women/ children were enslaved, some women were also executed.

He started to have multiple wives and if any circumstance arose which made any difficulty a new koranic verse "came to him" which smoothed the way to get what he wanted to get. In short, God was always on his side.

Most religious prescriptions were derived from the Jews, including fasting, which was later changed from one day to several days, then one month. The direction of prayer was the same too but then changed into the direction of the Kabaa. He took over some Arab traditions, mostly too please his country men but he firmly believed that all this were commandments of God.

Hence it is easy to see why the Koran has so many contradicting verses, the surah's came down at different times of Mo's life, sometimes at very great intervals. He had changed, and therefor the tone of the Koran had changed too.

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