How bad is "coming out" really?
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02-12-2011, 09:49 PM
RE: How bad is "coming out" really?
I use to have some problems, my sister treated me like I was diseased and needed to be cured, and my dad said I should have a devil on my grave when I die. My mom said I NEED to believe in god, but didn't really go much further. Some friends simply dropped out of my life because of it, some tried to convert me (and still do), and some gained an interest and asked some honest questions. Most responses are negative though.

Now I am not as open about it as before, I keep it to myself unless directly asked and will make jokes about being God (like somebody sneezes I say "I bless you" and if somebody does so to me I say "I already did") but nobody really gets it so I'm more of closeted now I suppose. By the time people do find out they have far too much respect for me to question it because they already know that in a battle of the wits, I'm better armed than them.

In America though, it's pretty much impossible to schedule anything with an organization on a sunday unless you are a church groups. About half of my friends go to church and 90% of them would identify as Christian. 50% of them know I'm atheist. Only about 25% of them truly accept it.
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