How can we Atheists provide an alternative?
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16-04-2013, 11:23 PM
RE: How can we Atheists provide an alternative?
Death camps don't force someone out of their religion; they force them out of their life. And if you did that, you wouldn't have to ask if they needed an alternative to religion, since they'd be dead.

I don't agree about people joining of their own free will, though. If that was always so, there would be no need for childhood indoctrination. A lot of people are not given a choice.

Though as for not knowing until it happens, I think one also has to address the human tendency to believe wacky shit. People are not usually logical. People tend to be superstitious, and so on. And I wonder if that will ever totally go away, since cognitive errors are so common and tend to feed the superstitious thoughts and behaviors. On the other hand, there is a gradual trend toward being more reasonable due to advances in knowledge, but I guess I'm pessimistic. Maybe there's no real need to speculate about things to fill the space religion once occupied, if religion is always going to occupy that space. It's probably better to just think about "what can non-religious people do?"

@Gulegon: But there already are secular charities. I'd say the important thing is for them to grow and for more of them to be formed, and for them to have more visibility and respect.
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