How could a god know he's omniscient?
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06-09-2013, 04:40 AM
RE: How could a god know he's omniscient?
(06-09-2013 03:21 AM)houseofcantor Wrote:  Then there's American Football. Back in the day, Boston the city-state would paint a Patriot on their banners and go on a crusade. The power of the god was the power of the state. And just like when the Cowboys went on a run and became "America's team," how a hick like YHWH from Ur became, you know, Omni.

Which to me indicates no reason to solve the complication of omniscience after solving the simplicity of god. Undecided

Fucking know-at-all!

No wait!

That's Bucky, isn't it. Sorry.

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