How do Christians justify slavery in the bible?
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14-06-2013, 03:24 PM
RE: How do Christians justify slavery in the bible?
(14-06-2013 12:09 PM)PleaseJesus Wrote:  Slavery is not condoned in the bible:

1. Kidnapping a person is punishable by death in the Torah, e.g. slaves were kidnapped by Muslims in the interior of Africa (slavery is legal in Islam) and brought to the shores of Africa for whites to transport them to the South. Under biblical law, white slavers in the South should have been executed. The kids who fought for the South were often Christians, the slave masters may have called themselves Christians but could not have been born again. The real problem is people don't follow God's Law under a theocracy!

2. In the NT, Paul admonishes masters to treat their slaves kindly and slaves to serve their masters the same way. The context has to do with satisfaction where one is "called", that is, if saved while a slave or master, deal. "Kindly" can be taken to mean free slave if one is able to do so, etc. The whole book of Philemon has to do with an escaped slave returned to his master and Paul insists that Philemon receive Onesiphorus as a saved BROTHER. The Bible likewise encourages people who are sick without condoning sickness, etc.

Of course you go after other faiths instead of the horrible acts in your own. I love cherry picking t, I guess, just from real trees though.

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