How do terrorists communicate and how do we stop this?
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24-05-2017, 09:53 AM
How do terrorists communicate and how do we stop this?
While ISIS also uses Facebook and Twitter to spread their message, their number one methods of communication are WhatsApp and Telegram, both of which use end to end encryption.

The workings of end to end encryption : I send a message to someone (Bob), the phone takes Bob's public key from the server and uses it to encrypt the message so only a private key which only Bob's phone has can read it, and nobody can decrypt it as no one has Bob's phone's private key except Bob

On Telegram, there are several ISIS-related channels mainly devoted to the spread of propaganda but there is one channel called Did You Know? and shows history from an ISIS perspective and channels relating to making of weapons, poisons and DIY bombs also exist

Source :

So if messages sent in the channels can't be decrypted, how do we track them?

All encrypted data has metadata i.e. data about data so who talked to whom and how long and after trawling through metadata, intelligence agencies use a process known as link analysis to identify what's going on

But increasingly, security services turn to placing malware onto suspect's computers

Source :

In the wake of events such as those in Manchester, companies like WhatsApp and Telegram should allow security services access, although that may take a long time to achieve and may be never achieved*

*At the time of writing, I am aware that Telegram isn't allowing access to security services, my knowledge on WhatsApp is less reliable

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