How do you suffer 'fools' gladly?
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28-02-2013, 07:48 AM (This post was last modified: 03-03-2013 10:42 AM by Zat.)
RE: How do you suffer 'fools' gladly?
(27-02-2013 01:09 PM)DougW Wrote:  ZAT - I rarely participate in forums but I found myself so frustrated (with myself) that I started searching for how to "suffer fools more gladly" at work today. When I saw your post I knew I was on the right track. I struggle with this on a daily basis & you described it better than I could've myself.
The only thing that has helped me so far is to get to know these people. The only way I can deal with them in a meaningful & productive way is to get inside their head.

I was delighted that you found this old thread of mine because it was so timely for me.

Those who have known me for along time know that I go away for months at a time when the 'fools' get on my nerve, and then come back again to see what, if anything, changed. This time around I found the same pattern: the entire Bell Curve still present (surprise!) and, as always, the lower end of the curve is a lot louder and a lot more obnoxious than the other end. After a while they get on my nerve again, so I try to compensate by starting threads like: "Why did god make so many idiots?" and it helps for a while, but the effect wears off quickly enough.

I think it is time for me to take another leave of absence.

There is a Canadian TV series called "Corner Gas" about a very small Gas Station in the middle of nowhere in rural Saskatchewan. The proprietor decides that he needs a vacation, so he announces to all around him that he is gone on his vacation.

Actually, he calls it "staycation" because he doesn't go anywhere: puts a lounge chair out in the dirt, 100 feet away from the station, with an umbrella for shade, reads travel magazine and refuses to talk to anyone until he is back from his vacation.

He sits there day after day, enjoying his break.

I mention this because I am just about to start my own"staycation" here in deep-winter Canada.

I won't be sitting outside but I will stop doing everything I have been doing the last 4-5 months and go back to doing what I have been missing all this time: do Physics (have to finish that book), read Sci-Fi (I have a stack piled up, waiting), play my violin (I still haven't got the First Cadenza of Beethoven's violin concerto right), do some wood carving ( have an almost finished gray owl in cherry wood), potter in my greenhouse (have to plant those spring seeds) and sleep a lot.

I need a break and I will be gone from here as well for a while.

I am sure a lot of you won't miss me! Big Grin

PS. Every time I come back for a look, the bell curve seems to have shifted to the left. I wonder if this is a predominantly North American phenomenon, or it is the same world wide. Maybe the human species was attacked by some brain-eating virus from outer space? (or the dumbing-down process is finally paying off?).
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28-02-2013, 07:53 PM
RE: How do you suffer 'fools' gladly?
I will miss you as I enjoy your posts, Zat! Just because you sometimes find it difficult to relate to some carbon based units doesn't matter to me, probably because I can be that way too.

Corner Gas is a fab show. Quirky characters and very funny at times.

Take it easy Smile

Humankind Dodgy (a total misnomer)
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