How do you think you would respond to the news that you will never have sex again?
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26-11-2012, 07:33 AM
RE: How do you think you would respond
(20-11-2012 08:32 PM)amyb Wrote:  It depends on the person, some people connect sex with love and intimacy, and feel they'd really be missing out without it.

I don't, though. I'm celibate by choice, and have been so for over a decade. I liked sex (and was told that I had a "sex drive like a guy" but I can't deal with the annoying emotional drama in relationships, having to tell a guy I love him, having to kiss and cuddle and buy Valentine's Day gifts. I'd rather give up sex than waste my time on stuff like that. I understand other people are into the emotional aspects, but I'm not. So I never plan on having sex again on purpose, and it's a great relief to me every time I think about it.
Well, sure everyone is different. I can do celibate (have done it), as well as one-night stands where you sometimes forget names on the following day (done it too). But my answer was purely about sex, not the love and intimacy part. That's a whole different ball game and sex is not necessarily a part of it.

Of course, I wouldn't want to be told I can never have sex again, but if I had to choose between losing this or my sight or hearing, I'd rather I kept my sight and hearing. Wouldn't even have to think twice.

"E se non passa la tristezza con altri occhi la guarderĂ²."
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