How far away are we from creating a mini sun and powering ships with black holes?
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24-11-2015, 12:25 AM
RE: How far away are we from creating a mini sun and powering ships with black holes?
First, bear with me since I'm kind of going more by rote, memory and what I've picked up from simply watching people like Laurence Krauss and Neil Degrasse Tyson rather than actually/completely understanding what i'm talking about. Blush

(23-11-2015 06:32 PM)Erikjust Wrote:  Well mass doesn´t always equal size, black holes are a brilliant example of this.

Except there are 'limit's to where the event horizon forms in relation to the mass of the object. So... while the Sun currently doesn't have the mass to collapse into a black hole... I think it'll drop down to white dwarf or neutron star... If you could continue to compress the mass tighter/down to a sphere about the diameter of the Earth(?) Then the increased force of gravity/mass exceeds light's speed. This is called a/the 'Lorentz threshold'? Physicists can really give a better explanation.

(23-11-2015 06:32 PM)Erikjust Wrote:  The biggest problem i can see with this approach is that with greater mass comes greater gravity, so even if we could make a star the size of a blimp or even smaller, it´s gravity and heat would require some unique containment or it would more or less burn all of America (or half of it) and it would probably tear the earth apart.

I... don't think that's right... Consider

Neutron stars are really dense... but they are comparatively 'cool' compared to the fusion reaction of other 'Stars'. I think neutron stars are just 'radiating embers'.

Things so dense that even though they aren't burning' anything... but they are going to take effectively forever to cool off the residual heat they have. (Some of the Earth's vulcanism/tectonics is the heat left over from the initial mass of the planet forming... all those 6000 millions of years ago)

Now.. the thing about a black hole is that... with nothing around it.. it would be rather cold. So.. if you could harness the Higg's Boson to manipulate gravity/mass and hence create an artificial hole (Since both Star Trek and Star Wars have 'gravity' deck plates, they both seem to be able to manipulate gravity/mass)

So.. once you've got your hole.. and.. can 'pin' it in place... Then.. all you'd have to do is drop other matter into it. (A super garbage disposal.) some of said matter falls straight in. However some of the matter will stretch and 'spaghetti-fy' and swirl around the 'edge' of the event horizon. This 'slewed' material will also become very energetic.. generating heat. So.. basically a sort of 'gravitic boiler', if you will. Consider

Since the artificial hole will be stable itself... you only have to make sure your amount of falling into mass swirls enough to make enough energy from its accretion disk that your siphoning off enough heat to run your generators that you can

A) Keep finding matter to throw into the 'tame' hole.

B) Keep the 'anchors' set so that the hole doesn't drift off and swallow everything nearby.

So... for the simplest 'Atomic rocket' we could do this.

I'm sure there are smarter folks than myself about who can give bette answers. Blush

Also, I think the question was "How far away are we from controlled fusion'? Consider

Other than the ITER Tokomak, I think I remember reading an article about Lockheed making plans to unveil some sort of generator? ITER is still seeking funding for things and all the donators are unhappy and I'm not sure if it'll ever even get to working. Sad

Which is not to say that we'll never get there... Just that the ITER situation is way more complicated than just solving the technical issues. Unsure

So, the three different fusion maker 'styles' that I know of from reading articles in 'New Scientist' magazines. Blush

There's the Tokomak.. which is a doughnut of SUPER magnets which are the only way we can currently make the plasma etc to try for fusion (Since we aren't at Star trek yet).

There's another version where the fusion happens within a tube. Stuff goes in one end... is magnetically squished in the middle. Exhaust/heat comes out the other.

There's also the 'compress with lasers. Which I can't remember much about to even give a hint of what sort of name to look up...

Hope that ramble helps. Blush
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