How many Muslims actually exist?
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11-11-2010, 05:25 AM
How many Muslims actually exist?
This post was taken from our
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How many Muslims are there in the world?
The average Muslim will place this number at around 2 Billion+, but is that even remotely true?

Now before we start, I would like to say that I don't doubt that every man and his dog is labeled a 'Muslim' in Islamic countries and families by over zealous parents from the moment of birth, I'm not arguing that, the focus today is how many ACTUAL Muslims exist in the world.
Also in an interesting twist, We will use Islamic arguments against Atheists to find the real number..


Requirement #1 : 'You should read the Quran yourself rather than being told what it says'.

The standard here is pretty straight forward, In order to be a Muslim, you must be able to actually read the Quran yourself, so by default you can't be illiterate.

Global Campaign for Education, United Nations 2009 Almanac , The Economist,, wikipedia, Global Statistics...These are just a few sources I used to see the literacy levels of the world .
Just in the Middle Eastern-Islamic countries ALONE - I counted 180,855,063 Illiterate people (almost 1/5 of a billion) and this doesn't even include countries that are not primarily Islamic (I.E India,Africa and every other country on the planet).

So in conclusion: 181 Million people have been removed from the Islamic Population in the most bare-bones statistic with no other requirements added.


Argument 2: 'You need to understand it'

As expected, theres no point reading a book if you can't actually understand it. fair enough.
The Interesting thing about Islam is that many people constantly require Scholars, the Tafsirs and the Hadith's to understand points made in the Quran...But thats too harsh, to let's make it even simpler..

For obvious reasons we can't gain a valid enough statistic to determine the ability of adults in understanding the Quran (though a large scale lack of Education in many regions of the world does give us a possible clue)
So today we will just say that : The Average child (from 1 day old to 9 years old) will most likely not be educated or have the mental tools to fully comprehend the Quran.

Again, no possible statistics, but it does bring up an interesting side point of how many 5 years olds (for example) are supposedly 'Muslims' in this world...


Argument 3: "You need to read it in Arabic"

Ofcourse. The last resort of the Muslim who has no argument to the legions of non-believers who find major faults in the Quran...'oh its just because you need to read it in Arabic'...

Disregarding the serious issue here in line with the supposed 'Godly creator' (topic on that soon enough) It's entertaining that Some Muslims will argue this point, yet not speak Arabic themselves, along with the vast majority of Muslims on the planet.

According to available statistics, 180,000,000 people in the world speak Arabic..
-Almost none of them in Classical Arabic that the Quran is written in
-A large percentage being non-muslims
-Also including this as a second or third language that is not necessarily enough to fully read the Quran.

These are just 3 bare-bones basic individual requirements (as proposed by Muslims) For what it takes to actually be a Muslim, and already we're out of the 'Billions' and into the 'Millions'...

Makes you wonder what the number would be if

1) We cross referenced the Arabic Speakers with the Illiterates
2) Found out how Many Muslims don't understand the Quran
3) How many Muslims can read the Quran but don't.
4) How many have to be 'Muslims' because of the repercussions for making it public that they aren't...
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11-11-2010, 09:58 PM
RE: How many Muslims actually exist?
We could take that same approach to christianity, especially in the south eastern United States.
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