How old were you when the entrance to the Grail Castle disappeared ?
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11-06-2012, 10:26 PM
How old were you when the entrance to the Grail Castle disappeared ?
So it's always ticked me off that the Grail myth got hijacked, from it's origins, and the insight it had to offer, and, as usual, got taken literally, by religionists, as an actual search for a "holy" vessel, when, it's really about the male psyche.

An earlier version ...
In Genesis 32, there is an story which is often partially mistranslated, about Jacob wrestling, and getting a wound. There is an interesting word play in naming Isaac's son Jacob, which is usually translated as the "heel grabber", (born second after Esau, holding his heel), but also named for the River Jakkob, where the mythological location of the struggle was turned into the all-night fight with the angel, (which originally in the Mesopotamian myth was a river god). So Jacob, was the momma's boy of the twins, and Esau was the guy's guy .. hunter dude. So the story is both ironic, in that Jacob, the wimpy dude, ("who hung around the tents"), ends up as the father of a nation, but for this thread, it's also a myth about a wound.... (And also a perfect example of how myths gets hijacked). The Hebrew word "yarek", (Greek "miros"), is NOT the hip, as it is usually translated, where the wound was sustained. It is the INNER thigh. Jakkob is "wounded", when the combatant strikes him in, (or near), his generative capacity, (male identity). After the blow, Jakkob fights to a draw, and is renamed, (Israel). Then he asks his assailant, "Tell me your name , please". The answer he gets, is "why should you want to know that" ... the key to the myth is a question.

The Grail Myth
In the original version of Cretian de Troyes' Arthurian legend, the Fisher King, (in the Grail myth), has a wound, through both thighs, or a groin wound. When he gets wounded, the entire kingdom he does, his impotence affecting the fertility of the land and reducing it to a wasteland. The knights go out looking for the cure to his wound. There are many interesting aspects to this story, but there are a number of psych-type peeps that say the loss of a male's original Grail, or youthful vision, and an attempt to regain it, is what this myth is all about. Anyhow, it's interesting that the key to this myth, is also the asking of a question. Before he actually asks the right question, (which was "whom does the grail serve ?"), Percival screws up a lot.

So I was wondering if you peeps also had this experience...that of understanding something about what you really thought life was all about for you, fairly early on, then lost track of it, for whatever reason, and found again later, that you could make the Grail appear, and that you had the answer, like since when you were 11-13, all along ?

(Ironically, maybe both Jacob, and the Fisher King did need to find a "cup", but I'll leave that to Erx.) Tongue

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11-06-2012, 10:47 PM
RE: How old were you when the entrance to the Grail Castle disappeared ?
ahhh... gravitational lensing. Big Grin

But after careful study, no. Life used to be all about fuck-all, now it's all about my Gwynnies. And another thing... some guy (you, perhaps?) tried to tell me that today is a good day to die is not Klingon philosophy but rather Cherokee. I mean, what kind of razzmatazz is that? If I understand the philosophy as Klingon, then it's fucking Klingon. I ain't hearing your smarmy scholarly sociopathic soliloquy, here. Big Grin

(I'm over here loling. I don't know why, but I never liked Arthurian legends. And myth has that core of emotional/psychological subtext that different cultures continually re-wrap in the current context. I'm thinking what's really going on here is that your myth got co-opted by religious types. I mean, if a bunch of mermaids did it, it'd prolly be a different story. Tongue )

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