How to achieve world peace...
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25-03-2013, 06:40 PM
RE: How to achieve world peace...
(24-03-2013 05:40 AM)Zat Wrote:  When I bought my first house in Canada in 1973, on a 12.5% mortgage, 30 years amortization -- I calculated that by the time I paid off the house, I will have paid off the purchase price 7 times over. And that means: while I was buying myself one house -- I was also buying a house for 6 other people.

Isn't compound interest just a real beauty?
You know what else is a real beauty?
Freedom of choice.
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25-03-2013, 06:53 PM
RE: How to achieve world peace...
Yes -- some have it.

Read "Pay the Rent or Feed the Kids" by Mel Hurtig.
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25-03-2013, 06:59 PM
RE: How to achieve world peace...
No need, I am well aware of the struggles of the poor people.
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27-03-2013, 06:32 AM
RE: How to achieve world peace...
It shouldn't be that hard, all you to do is prove religions are false and scams and let people be free of them.
(16-03-2013 07:23 PM)Zat Wrote:  A very good friend of mine made this suggestion and thought that it could start an interesting thread.

I will copy it here, without adding/changing/deleting anything.

Feel free to comment.

Here it comes:

1. Hand over all the keys to all the military installations to the UN, who will then destroy 100% of the nuclear missiles, decommission 90% of tanks, submarines and weapons, reassign 80% of the ships, aircraft and land vehicles for civilian use (rescue, emergency, cleanup and relief operations) and keep only a small standing army (international and fully integrated, of course) for intervention in local flare-ups.

2. Set up international courts of arbitration for outstanding disputes between peoples - the administration of each ruling to be done by a peace-keeping committee for the first five years; the committee than reports back to the court with recommendations for amendment - when it's working, the ruling becomes final. Then the committee hands over control to the local elected governments.

3. Disarm all repressive regimes and police forces that have a record of harming the citizens. Leave honest police forces in place, with all their crime-fighting capability, but take away their crowd-control equipment. Collect and destroy as many private weapons as can be done without riots; stop the retailing of new weapons and all ammunition.

4. Remove all clergy from political office and influential positions near government. Take away their privileges regarding money-collection, wealth accumulation, tax-exemption and property ownership.

5. Repeat 4. with the richest 0.01% of the world's population and the top 100 banks.

6. Abolish compound interest; write off all current debts. Confiscate the ill-gotten gains of above groups; hand over land and stationary assets to local governments;collect the liquid assets in an international fund
to be used wherever most needed.

7. Now that governments don't have to spend most of their time waging war and serving the rich and godly, and have the wherewithal, they can get on with their proper job: taking care of the people who elect them, dealing with problems of energy and production and distribution.

Assumption: (copied in from Post #11 for those who read only the OP)

You are an omnipotent alien. You are completely fair and totally incorruptible. You can make the rules and you can enforce them.

Pretend that you could do anything you wanted to do -- how would you go about it if your aim was world peace?

This is an exercise in imagination and creativity.
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