How we do know that scientific evidence is a fact?
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31-03-2017, 02:20 PM
RE: How we do know that scientific evidence is a fact?
(31-03-2017 07:46 AM)Jack Hammer Wrote:  Just more derogatory belittling bullshit. If you don't have the intelligence to reply sensibly, then get off the toilet. You must be shitting your brains out on a daily basis. It's pretty obvious your arrogant self is not occupying that pea brain lodged in your head. Grow up, stop the bullshit, and reply with the intelligence and common sense of at least an eight year old... The only difference between you and that old dried out piece of crusty white dog shit on my front lawn is... that old crusty piece of white dried out dog shit doesn't stink any more.

Wow... what a convincing debating style! Not. A series of crude ad hominems. I'm guessing though that your style is typical of many other theists whenever they're backed into a corner. You have no rational defense for your misguided opinions, so you simply attack those who do and can. And with this petulant little tirade, you've now exposed your true colours as a major troll.

I'm a creationist... I believe that man created God.
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