How would you respond to this?
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13-10-2013, 10:59 AM
RE: How would you respond to this?
I have had a similar experience. In that experience, I smiled politely and asked her, very matter of fact, if she would like to volunteer in my charity. She didn't know that I founded one. My charity is a volunteer Search and Rescue K9 team. We are constantly looking for volunteers to play victim, to go out and hide in the woods, or wander around the neighborhood mimicking an alzheimer's patient. usually, these trainings need to happen when there is horrible weather conditions (because thats usually when we get called out so we need to train in a downpour, or blizzard, oppressive heat or freezing temperatures). Its not fun. the only way we get any volunteers is when our team members rotate who plays the victim because joe public doesn't want to freeze their ass off. I can understand that.

Then when they say no, I just nod and say, "good luck with your volunteer work! It was a pleasure speaking to you."
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