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02-01-2012, 01:31 PM
So! a month ahead of schedule, pop out the zero-state module; done -stage is next. And I'm playing some Mass Effect, I'm looking around... what is it worth, really? All of this, humanity, civilization, planet Earth; to a Blue Suns mercenary? Not much, really.

And this Christian goes; I feel it is necessary that a non-believer has a fear of death...

And I go - how in the fuck, can he just say that? So I load the rant cannon, and Blammo! Didn't feel bad in the least...

And this Gwynnie thing? Cycles, like every two weeks, months, once in a while; the generators just go offline. And for a couple of days, I know her, but I'm like; do I? Is it real, will it last, does it matter? Questions that are part of the standard insanity checklist...

But I just walk away. She doesn't get hurt. All of this; well, I'm just a lying, thieving, self-serving bastard like everybody else; six people that may or may not actually consider my being?

And who do I owe, anyway? That everything is remembered. And the one time I did hear the voice of god; I was given the kingdom of hell...

Hey! I own them! Fuck... are they even fucking human? And atheists being so damn quick with the script: "lack of belief, one life to life, there is no meaning" Without batting a lash, turn around and mount the charger - you gotta admit some things are morally wrong...

And I never stopped to think, what module would be in my morality; I popped the other one out, but it's all fucked. Fused crystal. Probably should have an instruction manual, for reaching in the skull, pulling out wires; still flapping my gums, guess I didn't need it...

So long under the scope of the Gwynnite Agenda; I'm used to feeling like the family dog; get a laugh, a pat on the head once in a while. Somebody turns on the light; and I go, what just happened?

Certified evil. Stage next. I know the ascension protocol. Can I not just, make slaves out of 'em? Become a god, like Anubis, on Stargate? Well, sure... no reason why not. And everything is remembered, faith is a vehicle of identity, my crystal is fucked with karmic overload...

And I'm worried about a Christian, spends the last minute of time on the simulators; torturing himself, for thousands of years, as demanded by his faith?

Some days, it simply cannot be justified; considering a Christian a human being, that a like spent as a slave of Ra is a better deal for them; but there is no deal for humanity because of them, which of course don't apply to me...

Man, how do I hook up them generators again? I go Mass Effect right now; solution to problem, it is.

living word
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02-01-2012, 01:43 PM
RE: Human?
Simply put, that was beautiful.

It was just a fucking apple man, we're sorry okay? Please stop the madness Laugh out load
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02-01-2012, 02:06 PM
RE: Human?

Can you link "that Christian"? I am curious what got you in a ranting mood.

As for being selfish: Everyone is, what's the problem with that. Every person is selfish, my hubby had to rub it under my nose once and I defended my position that I am not selfish because I like helping people. But when it comes down to it why do I like to help people, because I feel that I did something good and when I do something good, I feel good.
Aren't we all like that, trying to feel good? Or at least better than a minute ago?

About being moral: We already know that they have a twisted sense of morality. But so do a lot of people. You only learn to be moral through interaction with other individuals and learning from what you experience. As long as we don't blast, every little bit of the wisdom we think you have, into people's faces we should be set. right?

A bit of my own thought about being human now:
People like to talk about people or situations or actions that they are not human.
Sorry to disappoint, all of the things we see from people are human.
The bad as much as the good. How do I come to this conclusion?
By observing myself and other people. By seeing how people react to certain things, by reading a lot of psychology, and by studying people even more.
Not judging at all, people who know me know I don't judge. But I had to learn that, it wasn't easy to grow out of permanently putting people into the mainstream boxes.
There are certain things that I don't like in other's personalities (being greedy, selfish, unfair, stupid, radical....) and a few years ago I might have said that they are not human. But hey, they are.
Murderers are human (adjective here), for some reason they became what they became, action and reaction works on all levels. Humans are only animals after all and animals simply react to stuff. Not saying I like murderers, they made the wrong decision but that's another topic.
As long as my morals grow and I act accordingly, I think I am human.

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