Human dignity: a problem for atheists?
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24-04-2014, 11:49 AM (This post was last modified: 24-04-2014 12:01 PM by djhall.)
RE: Human dignity: a problem for atheists?
(20-04-2014 05:54 PM)Doubter Wrote:  Hello everyone. For my 1st post, I'd like to discuss a dubious theistic claim I heard a few days ago. According to the latter: in rejecting Abrahamic religions, one has nothing but arbitrary reasons for justifying human dignity, while these religions, because they hold we were created in the image of God, have the best justification.

What's your opinion on that assertion?

Why would being created in the image of god bequeath us with dignity we wouldn't otherwise have if we weren't? It seems that the claimants assume that god exists, god has dignity, and the claim that we were created in his image thereby transfers some of that dignity to us. These claims somehow fail to be "arbitrary reasons" and have special status, through none of them apparently have to be proven or justified to the same standards as non-god based arguments or justifications.

One thing I have never understood about this line of reasoning is why the people who propose it seem to think basing their justification for human dignity on belief in their god gives it more credibility rather than less. If human dignity is a function of your god, and I don't buy in to your god, then I also have no reason to consider or accept your concept of human dignity. The Abrahamic god of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity combined is only recognized by approximately half the world population. What about the other half of the world? Why should they listen to you? And that doesn't even begin to address the massive differences within the world of the believers in variations of the same god... does Shariah law condoning the execution of adulters make it compatible with a liberal Christian understanding "human dignity"? The human dignity as a function of god argument seems far less sound than something less contingent on personal beliefs.
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