Humans Aren't Supposed To Be Monogamists
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04-01-2013, 08:16 AM
RE: Humans Aren't Supposed To Be Monogamists
Ludacris says yes Thumbsup

I think its different courses for different horses.

When I was a younger I was like a dog with two dicks, I loved it and couldnt get enough of many different casual sex partners. However with all of my GFs in the past someone comes along who you cant get enough of tapping and as your feelings/attachements grow you want no one else tapping them. So if its reciprocated normally a relationship can form. So I have allways stuck to my word when forming a relationship that I will never cheat.

(sods law dictates that when this promise is made, you will have ridiculous amounts of offers off of extremely fine ladies)

On the whole though I think monogamy occurs possibly more in hostile enviroments in nature (as in enviroment)... I could be wrong though Consider

For no matter how much I use these symbols, to describe symptoms of my existence.
You are your own emphasis.
So I say nothing.

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