Humans Aren't Supposed To Be Monogamists
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05-01-2013, 11:29 AM
RE: Humans Aren't Supposed To Be Monogamists
(05-01-2013 11:06 AM)Vera Wrote:  
(05-01-2013 10:27 AM)Birdguy1979 Wrote:  It is the fact that you need two working individuals to support having a roof over your head that makes it generally impossible for a single adult to raise a child.
What about rich people? Have they evolved differently, because they do not need the salaries of two working individuals to raise a child? That's a very flimsy reason for monogamy...

Actually I was not arguing for monogamy. I was stating the reasons why it is almost impossible to raise a kid on your own. Unless you are filthy rich, extremely hard working and can hold 2-3 jobs and still take care of your young, or are extremely lazy and want to let the tax payers take care of everything. As far as rich people go, yes they are different. I try to be a reasonably moral person. If I was not, I could probably try to start my own religion or use one of the current ones to generate a huge income. While some of the rich people got to be that way and still seem to have a conscience, many of the ones out there don't seem to have ever had one. So yes, it seems that a huge number of them did evolve differently.
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