Hypocrisy and Religion
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09-04-2013, 10:38 PM
Hypocrisy and Religion
I think that hypocrisy is more native to religious systems (at least, as they currently exist on planet earth) than people are generally willing to admit. We see fire-and-brimstone preachers who rail on homosexuality as the worst of sins later turn up with call boys in a hotel thinking that no one will recognize them, snap a picture and bring their entire hypocritical empire to its knees. We see rabbis holding their communities in strict adherence to every law of the Torah and demanding that men and women keep away from each other in public (and, especially, in private), and then they are found to be sexually abusing little girls in their Hebrew schools.

I'm, of course, not saying that everyone who has a religious impulse is in some way trying to hide a big, dark secret. However, it does seem that the level of hypocrisy within religion, the extent of the shallowness of their preachments, has reached a point where it cannot readily be claimed by practitioners that religious people have any corner on morality or that they have a better system by which to determine right from wrong.

If it weren't all over the news, they might deny it. If it weren't the subject of so many investigations and reports, they might say it isn't true. Yet, it is. Even in Israel (where I live), religious men have been reported for filling the public access Internet stations at Bar Ilan University late at night surfing for pornographic content. If they can do this in public – which is so utterly inappropriate – why not just give them computers to use at home and allow them to do their deed like the rest of us, without exposing children and the like to the dirty things that adults like to fantasize about before waxing their carrots?

Sexuality is the single most repressed and misunderstood natural drive among the religious. The desire to deny, eliminate, repress, channel or ignore sexual drives has created a situation in which religious people (and I'm specifically speaking about Chasidic Jews) cannot have a healthy view of sexuality generally. This leads to secret sexual rendezvous (this is plural!) in public bathrooms, to affairs in motel rooms, to adventures in bathhouses. And none of the sexual encounters that they have are actually satisfying – because they've never developed any healthy enjoyment of sexuality. Passionless, robotic desire to release and go hide. And just after they finish, they must act like it never happened, pray for correction, deny any human need in themselves and hope that they will still make it to Paradise when they die – as if any type of Paradise exists for the dead at all.

When will the hypocrisy, the child rape, the attacks on real moral standards, the baseless "Divine Command Theory of Morality" – in short, the entire premise of religious right and wrong – finally be revealed for what it is in truth? When will people admit that religious superstitions are making our world worse rather than better, by attempting to act as if life were one way while it is really another? When will they come to realization that denial of what is natural does not make it disappear? Twisting and perverting our human nature to turn ourselves into pitiable creatures bereft of fulfillment and satisfaction is not a moral value, yet they would have us think it is.

I'm glad to be recovering from religion, and I'm glad that I finally live in a way that I believe will bring me happiness, joy and peace of mind. No hypocritical pronouncements. No vain commitments to "doing better next time." No need to beg a deity on my knees to forgive me for making mistakes, when errare est humanum. When I regret my mistakes, I regret my humanity. I do not regret being human, and I do not desire to repress what is natural in me.

Live and let life. Give others a chance at happiness. Do not take away another person's freedom to choose for herself. Do not create victims by your choices. If this were the basis of the moral code of religion, the world would be a better place.
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09-04-2013, 10:54 PM
RE: Hypocrisy and Religion
Haredi men discovered secretly surfing tabooed sites (Ynetnews.com)
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