I Don't Know Who
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08-01-2013, 05:41 PM
RE: I Don't Know Who
(07-01-2013 01:03 AM)Egor Wrote:  I actually don't know who crashed my forum (A Literary Experience), so I'm not going to point any fingers. ... Today, I killed A Literary Experience, and I'm returning to Veridicanism.

My guess is you realized that this is like your third metaphysical position in less than a month and immediately banned yourself for being utterly ridiculous.

(07-01-2013 07:25 PM)Egor Wrote:  But it's about to get really psychotic. I'm not going to quit until you believe in God.

But I already do, Brother Edward, we just disagree on which one of us it is.

Any promise of a postmortem preservation of personal identity is preposterous. (read in Daffy Duck voice)
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08-01-2013, 06:19 PM
RE: I Don't Know Who
(08-01-2013 04:48 PM)Logisch Wrote:  
(08-01-2013 04:45 PM)Hobbitgirl Wrote:  Would that make us the fecal matter particles? O.o

Energy and matter... MADE IN HIS IMAGE!

mind blown: I understand it all now.

I also wonder if that's what people mean when they call us little shits when we're kids.

(vigorously shakes magic 8-ball). "Signs Point to Yes"

There it is boys and girls....we're not star dust, we're poop. Wink

But as if to knock me down, reality came around
And without so much as a mere touch, cut me into little pieces

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08-01-2013, 07:07 PM
RE: I Don't Know Who
(08-01-2013 05:16 PM)kim Wrote:  Hmm... I checked out your forum front page.
I see Michelangelo's work is in your headline graphic. It's always nice to see his work still being tossed around. Shy

Considering Michelangelo was quite possibly an atheist as well as homosexual.

You took that out of context...

"Whores perform the same function as priests, but far more thoroughly." - Robert A. Heinlein
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