I Needed To Vent
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04-06-2013, 10:52 PM
RE: I Needed To Vent
Man, I would pack up and leave that small town if I could afford to. People that get caught up in someone else's life & spread gossip need to get a life of their own! I don't gossip about people---that's why they trust me. At least you know that you're an honest man ( the few, the proud).

(31-05-2013 02:23 AM)riseinside Wrote:  So I need to vent. Just need to write my thoughts and know that somebody who is unrelated to the situation is reading it. I don't even care if anybody responds lol.

So I was with this girl for over 4 years. We got engaged and then had a wedding. Didn't turn in the paperwork but to us we were married. Things started to go down hill and she said she was no longer in love with me. She split up. Finally doing it through text. Anyway, things were civil. I lived in the house on my couch for about a month before getting my own place. She had a bf within a week and stayed at his house. I then moved out.

So from that point to now, which was about 8 months, I have gone about my life. I have had her family tell friends of mine that she cheated and her friends say she was hitting on a mutual friend. Whatever. Hurts but I don't care. I have moved on.

Fast forward to today. I guess I clicked the add friend button for her cousin. Somebody who I got along with. Didn't think anything of it. Well I got chewed out for supposedly spreading rumors, talking crap and not being able to move on. Funny thing is I have said nothing, I didn't start anything and I have dated a few girls with not a thought of my ex.

I live in a small town. There is bound to be drama. And I know that all sounds like some Jerry Springer crap without chairs being thrown. I haven't taken part and I have been the better man in this entire situation. However, living in a small town you see people and get dirty looks. You can tell yourself to not let it bother you but sometimes it just doesn't work.

So I guess if anybody advice I am seeking.....how do you just let it not bother you. Knowing that you have not done these things and have moved on but also knowing that people look at you as less of a person because of these accusations. I just want to live my quiet life and not get dirty looks wherever I go.

PS. I didn't cheat on her to cause her to leave. We just grew apart. Amicable for the most part.
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