I Think I Might Be Brainwashed...
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14-08-2016, 05:40 AM
RE: I Think I Might Be Brainwashed...
(08-08-2016 10:44 AM)Elexis Wrote:  Does anyone have any advice/experience/tips for how to get out of this stuff? It's damaging my mental health, I'm anxious, stressed, don't even know who I am anymore, sometimes think I might be going mad. But how do I let go of the fear?

Thanks a lot if you've read all that!

TL;DR: I'm bought into a lot of new-age woo and I've lost my own identity in the process. How do I let go of these beliefs and their associated scare-mongering about 'attracting' bad things into your life?

Yes I have experience and tips on this.

You bought into the woo that used to be my religion and I have come out of it absolutely fine.
If you want, you can pm me, and we can go into a lot of details on whatever your questions are.
Generally, I "logiced" myself out of it.
Most convincing was that nothing has ever been proven by science even if many people in those esoteric / woo / witchy social circles like to say that it has.

First off about the mediums. Those on TV, radio, podcasts: Yes the vast majority is fraud. They see the money and know that people buy into it.
The "every day medium" are usually people who believe in the whole thing and also believe strongly that they are a medium. Usually they are really good at cold reading and understanding a lot of psychology and such things. And they don't even realize that last part, they just act on it and every time they land a hit with what they say, it proves to them that they are for real.

Now about your illness and the lesson to be learned. That goes pretty much into what I used to believe as well. All the bad that happens to me now is because I did or thought something bad in this or any previous life and I have to fix it. Rings a bell? Not only do humans like to put meaning into things where there isn't any, but also they like (for whatever reason) to punish themselves. It is so weird that we tend to think that is your own fault, in what way ever, that you are ill.

The threat you speak off, I know it all to well and it one of the few things, I sometimes am still afraid of to be honest. But in those moments, I logic again. (yea I use logic as a verb now)
This threat and fear probably comes from the believe in fate, reincarnation, cosmic balance, "energy", and maybe a bit of ghosts mixed in.
Well in that case, it is easy really. Just start researching the things that are at the base of the fear. I promis you will find out that it is all as likely to be real as the invisible pink unicorn.

Anyway, as I said, you are welcome to pm me with specifics and I will happily take the time to help.


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15-08-2016, 08:43 PM
RE: I Think I Might Be Brainwashed...
I grew up fundamentalist Christian (Southern Baptist), and gave it up at the age of 17.

I lost my fear of hell when I realized that hell wasn't even a coherent concept, theologically, and that it's obviously designed to frighten people into surrendering their reason, similar to the way governments play up the danger of foreign threats in order to get people to surrender their reason which would normally object to things like the USA-PATRIOT Act.

I simply realized that if God created everything, that included hell, and their story says that God is offering to save me from the hell he created... it's the same as a rapist pointing a gun at you and saying if you let him assault you, then he won't "have to" shoot you. No one would call that a loving or kind act, and yet this "God" of theirs appears to be acting in exactly the same way. Once I realized that even if I KNEW hell was real, I wouldn't worship the being that caused it to exist, I no longer had fear of going there.

Over time, I came to see how ridiculously silly the whole story was, from the beginning. Heaven and hell are a carrot and a stick, simple as that.

"Theology made no provision for evolution. The biblical authors had missed the most important revelation of all! Could it be that they were not really privy to the thoughts of God?" - E. O. Wilson
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