I Won't Be Voting Today. Will You?
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09-09-2011, 06:34 AM
RE: I Won't Be Voting Today. Will You?
Perry didn't opt for the rain dance did he? I think he felt a stadium full of praying people would be better than rain dances. I can't believe Bachman can possibly win the primaries. She has made so many PR blunders that she would be torn apart for not knowing anything. Why do republican female candidates seem to be so stupid? The fact of the matter in the upcoming primary is that the religious block is gonna be voting perry in high numbers. The only way to counter this fact is for all the other people to vote against him. I can't see anyone who discusses things here wanting Perry. you can look him up easy enough.

I was trying to find a site for quick info on candidates but forgot the link. I vote generally, and in smaller offices it's not always R/D. For those outside of the US who are confused by the need for something else generally the R/D candidates are big business controlled due to private money. What I can't believe has yet to happen well is virtual campaigns. Without much money a candidate could blog his way to some votes. Obama slightly used the internet but you don't even need to throw money at it like he did. Just get a bunch of friends to join you in blogging for a while and your name will be out there.

The largest example of our two party system was when Ross Perot (who has way too much money) tried to get on the news networks in debates with the R/D candidates. The news stations wouldn't accept his money at all and only allowed him to appear with other smaller parties. All stations have backing from R/D shareholders.

It's not right to say that every candidate who is R/D won't do their job, but they all have investors expecting them to do other thins as well. I think if you're not going to research things you should look to a third party you can support and give it one more vote. The weird thing about our two party system is that it is the two leading parties. If the Libertarians beat out the Democrats in Ohio then the next Ohio ballot will have R/L with Democrats as one of the smaller ones. Once that happens there would be more of a chance of things being a bit different than they are now.

I'm not a non believer, I believe in the possibility of anything. I just don't let the actuality of something be determined by a 3rd party.
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