I am a Christian
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06-03-2016, 06:26 AM
RE: I am a Christian
I wont justify that God told nations to go to war and wipe out opposing people, but i believe that i might one day be wiped out by an opposing person, and it wont be wrong because i am not innocent. if i die of an infection, by God's hand, it wont be anything more than i deserve really... so i wont pretend God is evil if he does the same to someone else, who may deserve it equally.

You are not innocent? I am. The idiotic idea that a baby is born a sinner is about as sick as one can get. Holding my greatgrandbaby in my arms yesterday I had to mention that to her parents. The idea that some people think that she at 4 days old is a sinner. What balderdash!
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06-03-2016, 12:30 PM
RE: I am a Christian
(04-03-2016 01:48 PM)VoidAndNull Wrote:  Being a christian is about listening to logic just as much as any other belief SHOULD be.

Ahahahaha, No. No it's really really not.

Christianity, like every other delusion, has never had a healthy relationship with logic. Christianity has approved of logic when, and only when, it gives answers that are in favor of, or can be mutilated to seem in favor of, Christianity. The second, the absolute second, this ceases to be the case logic is declared to be "limited" or "unreliable" or some other such drivel and is then rejected in favor of a way of doing thiings with a proven success rate of 0%.

You have made the claim that logic fails because you don't have all the facts. Yet faith succeeds while having exactly ZERO facts? Heh, no. Christianity does not recognize that logic will fail due to lack of facts, it dictates that it will, and it does so because it has to in order for it to survive. Logic has to fail or there is no room for faith, and if there is no room for faith then most of the nonsense in Christianity is rejected out right for being the blatantly absurd nonsense that it is. The only thing Christianity has ever recognized is the gullibility of people and how to profit off it. Christianity is about the abasement of logic and rational thought, it has no respect for either.

There was no point while getting a man from Earth to the Moon where we logic failed us and we had to rely on pixies and voodoo.

Kneel mortal before Whiskey I, Lord of Dalmore, Duke of Jameson, Defender of the Sloshed, and God-Emperor of Holy Terra.
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09-03-2016, 03:18 AM
RE: I am a Christian
Christianity:logic as herpes:good lovin'.
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09-03-2016, 07:37 PM (This post was last modified: 09-03-2016 07:48 PM by goodwithoutgod.)
RE: I am a Christian
(03-03-2016 01:14 AM)VoidAndNull Wrote:  I was viewing a particular thread about how a user was banned from christianChat.com, a website i dont care so much for, but i digress.

the person in the thread went about pumping his fist for getting banned for attacking the beliefs of another person as if a hero who had accomplished something.

are all atheist such that they would celebrate that they have caused a christian to view them as pushy, insulting and childish? i would hope not. where are the rational and worthwhile atheists who actually are worth talking to?

as a christian who wants to debate, i would only celebrate if one of the parties comes to a deeper understanding, and we mutually learn something worthwhile, or at least one of the parties debating.

Welcome, I see you found theTHINKINGatheist website. How you are treated here usually depends on how you conduct yourself. Make baseless claims, and ridicule usually follows close behind. Wish to enter intellectual discourse about life, the world, faith etc? You will find yourself in the deep end of the pool quickly. You came here for a reason. Stake your claim. What would you like me to teach you about your faith? Perhaps you could teach me a thing or two as well. Norrg knows many have tried. Here, let me set the tone for you...

Christianity is based on the belief that jesus of Nazareth was the hybrid son of the Abrahamic god.

There is zero substantiating evidence of a single witness to any of jesus's miraculous acts. "All testimony" is pseudonymous and based on hearsay, written down by non-eyewitnesses....all urban myths...people love to tell stories, the wilder they are, the more they are retold.

Not a single word about jesus, ever written, was by a person who actually knew jesus.

The synoptic gospels were not written by their namesakes. All Pseudepigrapha.

Paul never met the "earthly" jesus.

The Exodus never happened, proven beyond reproach.

The Great mythical Global flood of 2348 BCE never happened.

Moses never existed...and consequently the Pentateuch was not written by the mythical moses...but by Judaen priests in 575-550 BCE, based on popular older Sumerian, Babylonian, Crete, and Greek myths.

So since the religion of christianity is based on the belief that jesus of nazareth was the hybrid son of a universe creating super being, and he was placed upon earth to allow himself to be sacrificed to fulfill the incarnation and atonement of man's "original sin"...and there is zero evidence of a single first hand witness seeing this self proclaimed demi god perform a miraculous act, and zero contemporary evidence of his Benny Hinn-like magic acts outside of urban myths passed down from one story teller to another....and a plethora of archaeological, historical, paleontological, and geological evidence exists that refutes every single major story of the bible...and no one witnessed the resurrection of jesus, and bothered to write about it (an empty tomb does not a resurrection make)....and not a single person in the area thought a zombie invasion and the world going dark midday was worthy of recording...one would surmise it is yet another false religion....another fairy tale...another wonderous BS story told by the charismatic, and gobbled up by the gullible and unquestioning.

I would love to help you along the epistemological path to knowledge. Let me know when you have time for a civil debate. I am extremely busy this week with moving, new job interview, setting up my pending military retirement, working on my 4th degree ..blah blah blah but if you have the ......testicular fortitude to actually stand tall for your beliefs, and engage an atheist willing to do the same, then click here:


Start a thread....something like "Voidandnull challenges GWG to a debate". be patient, I will come. This is an area only two can talk, but all can watch. Becareful what you wish for though. This isn't my first debate, and I trust you will find the depth of my knowledge of your delusion of choice is...erudite Smile

Welcome to theTHINKINGatheist.

clicky clicky oh and I will give you a freebie....I can articulate, validate, and substantiate all my above claims to great length....come, let's see what you know.

"Belief is so often the death of reason" - Qyburn, Game of Thrones

"The Christian community continues to exist because the conclusions of the critical study of the Bible are largely withheld from them." -Hans Conzelmann (1915-1989)
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15-03-2016, 07:55 AM
RE: I am a Christian
I strongly suspect that void and nulls user name is a reflection of what's inside his skull Laugh out load
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