I am sick of it
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05-06-2013, 12:09 AM
RE: I am sick of it
(31-05-2013 05:52 PM)Prometheus762 Wrote:  I am a humble person. I know my place in the universe, as a small, insignificant human, a product of evolution and natural selection. The universe is too massive to be made for me, or just with me in mind. All of it will die one day, the sun exploding, and the earth dying off. It isn't forever, and it isn't watched over by a god.

I am tired of listening to how arrogant I am for realizing this.

I am sick of listening to how humble you are for believing that this universe was designed for you, by an all powerful god, with the idea in mind, that you can live forever as his chosen one, in a wonderful land of happiness in the clouds above.

I am sick of you deciding which scientific discoveries are true, or ok for you children. Your cherry picking of both science and the bible, is arrogant and weak minded. You don't want the truth, you want your own lie. You want to pick and choose what is true, you don't really want to know whats in reality. You manipulate the truth, and make it all a lie, because you are too weak to face it like a man.

I am sick of watching you benefit from the science that you hate and distrust so much. One moment your child survives a previously fatal condition, because a trained surgeon, after years of back breaking work and study, learned how to perform the procedure, without killing your child. After all of that, and all the money paid for by your insurance company, what do you say? "Thank you god". You disgust me. Your lack of respect and appreciation of what other humans do for you is pathetic.

I am sick of watching you treat the world around you like shit, because you are arrogant enough to believe that it belongs to you, all of it, because god gave it to you. You are willing to watch it all die, even be destroyed by fire, by jesus, as you celebrate.

I am sickened when you call for your fellow creatures to go to hell, and place of fire, torture, and eternal anguish, so painful and full of excruciating suffering, that no human could comprehend the tortures within its walls. I am sick of listening to how god like, and good you are for wanting so many of your fellow creatures to go there, just for thinking something different than you.

You have no soul, no heart, no love, to think such things.

Your arrogance and evil knows no bounds, when you want such suffering to take place.

I am sick of living in a country where I am the enemy everywhere I go. People stop me during my day to correct me. "Don't say 'oh my god', it offends me" "don't bring up your unbelief, it offends me" "Why don't you just say home?".

You don't get to tell me what to say, or where to go.

You don't get to tell me what morality is.

You don't get to live in a one sided world, where only your opinion matters, and only you can get offended.

Your ARROGANCE offends ME. Your disregard for others, and your blind slave mentality disgust me. Your non-thought, doesn't belong in my critical mind.

I am sick of you telling me that sex is bad. I am sick of hearing the words "slut" "whore" and "easy bitch" thrown around to talk about beautiful women, with enough confidence to be with more than one man.

I am sick of you disgusting fucks, deciding what is good in bed, and what is wrong. I won't let you ruin one of the best things in my life. I won't let you tell women they are awful and sinners, when they should be proud of their beauty and the love they have to offer.

You celebrate each time you have sex, but women get called "slut" and "whore" for doing the same thing. Who is full of shit here? You.

I am sick of watching beautiful baby girls, meant to be happy wonderful women, lie in their own vomit that they just forced out of themselves. I am sick of watching them not eat, puke it all up, or cut themselves, because they hate themselves. Maybe if you gave women the respect, responsibility, and freedom they deserved, they would be happier. Maybe if you stopped trying to take away their right to choose what to do with their own goddamn bodies they would feel in control of their lives. Maybe if you stopped calling them sluts for enjoying sex, they would have more of it, and be happier. Maybe if you stopped telling them to submit to men, and shut up, they would have a goddamn chance at something wonderful in life, outside of being a brood mare for some bigot religion man, too full of shit to treat her right.

I am sick of you raising your children so badly. I hate listening to children spout indoctrination on command, their own opinions and individuality completely gone, so young. I am sick of meeting them on the street, and having them hate me from the first moment they know I don't believe, because you taught them to hate, instead of to love. You taught them to believe anything, when they should have asked questions. You taught them to hate themselves, and their desires, when they could be happy if they embraced them, honestly.

I am sick of watching you drive your families into poverty and suffering, because you decide to have 14 kids, and not use contraception. "God doesn't like it" you say. Don't you think, if he cared for you, he wouldn't doom your children to poverty and a life of obscurity? Maybe you should have enough respect for your family, to have only the children you can care for. You are a hypocrite, and a fool. You would rather obey a mystical man in the sky than care for you loved ones the way you should.

I am sick of watching missionaries bother random people in the street and in their homes, spreading the supposed "good news". Your arrogance is so inflated, it can hardly remain upright. You can't even be honest about what you really want. You want your beliefs to dominate the world. You want to destroy every other religion, and you want to destroy every other type of thought. You want control. You walk down the street, in a suit, with a smile, but what you really want is power, money, and self righteousness. You have something to sell, not a gift, and you know it. You are just too arrogant to realize that we don't want it.

I am sick of so much more.

Don't worry, it will be coming soon.

When I was in the military, I knew a guy just like you.

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05-06-2013, 04:37 PM
RE: I am sick of it
I'm sick of my governor, Phil Bryant and his hypocrisy. He makes national news by asserting that working mothers caused education to decline when his own wife worked 38 years outside the home. What a fucking joke.
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