I call for more repping powers for regular members
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31-12-2012, 03:02 PM
Exclamation I call for more repping powers for regular members
Right now, regular members are only able to rep somebody +/- 1 point. Why not +/- 2 points? The moderators and veterans can, why not us? The thing that I don't like about only being able to rep 1 point, is that if you want to rep you someone you like, but also someone you really like, there is no way to create a difference between the two, if you know what I mean. You might say that people might abuse it? Heck, not even the trolls go around negging people because they can. No problem there. I see no reason why regular members' repping powers are limited.

This also makes me wonder why moderators are allowed more than us. Moderators are here to moderate the forum, and that's it. The only powers a mod should have is being able to moderate. Having anything more is just unfair. Veteran users, so your name is dark blue and you are part of the forum team? That's great. Your extra ability is to take part in forum matters. That's all. Why should you have more special ability's than us?

I don't take reputation too seriously, but I think this is something we should have anyway.
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I call for more repping powers for regular members - Magoo - 31-12-2012 03:02 PM
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