I came out as an atheist to my father...
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30-04-2013, 07:26 PM
I came out as an atheist to my father...
Last night I had dinner with my dad. Now, my parents are believers of the Christian variety. Not fire and brimstone, Satan planted dinosaur bones types, but they go to church regularly and do profess to believe in God. I grew up indoctrinated into the faith, as we went to church every week, Sunday school, the whole shebang. I have been a self-identified Atheist for about 4 years, but a non-believer for many years before that (I'm 35). Anyway, we got on the subject of religion and while I don't hide my unbelief to my family, I've never told my parents straight up that I'm an atheist. I did last night. His first response was "What did your mom and i do wrong?". Yeah. So, we proceeded to have about an hour long conversation and here are some of the highlights:

-One day, I'm going to learn that I need a belief in a higher power. As I get older, I'll open and my eyes to the world around me (which is, apparently, the only proof I need that God exists) and I will open my heart to God and accept him.

-How can I explain the miracles of my babies being born if there is no God? How can I explain why things happen the way they do and how we even got here to begin with?

-I will never truly be happy in my life until I accept God.

-(And here's my favorite) I'm just making it too complicated. If I just stop thinking about it so much I will come to understand that God is waiting for me...just waiting there for me to embrace. I'm just overthinking the whole thing.

*Sigh* I guess as true "coming out" conversations go, it wasn't too bad, but I just can't get over that even though I demonstrably said that I do not believe and listed the reasons why, he seemed to think that it was just a phase that I'd get over and I'd come to my senses eventually. So, he has zero respect for my opinion and thoughts on the subject. I'm sure I'll have to hear all about it again. I just don't understand why people think it's just so awful to be an atheist. But, as a positive, it was an amazing exercise in circular logic to witness.

I just wanted to vent, thanks for listening.
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