I don't agree with the anti-bullying movement
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25-12-2012, 01:49 PM (This post was last modified: 25-12-2012 02:42 PM by Luminon.)
RE: I don't agree with the anti-bullying movement
(24-12-2012 06:28 PM)namiloveyou Wrote:  I don't think mass shootings invalidate bullying.

It denotes weak coping skills, and shouldn't be praised as you think. Cho in Virginia Tech wasn't even being bullied.
I won't descend to your level of trolling. I don't praise anything. I know how it feels and I would not be surprised if bullying led to some cases of mass shootings at schools. The feelings are there, the kind of feelings that leads to misery, suicide and even mass murder. I'd like you to understand the feelings. I'd like you to
loathe and fear the idea of having bullying anywhere near you. More than you loathe and fear standing up for weird, ugly or fat people you don't want to be friends with.

Our schools are personnel factories. They teach us labor skills, not life skills. There's usually no place for teaching life skills in there, but at least we can stop the violence against those who lack them. That's a good beginning. As they write on the net, bullying is social violence. It must stop. The next step is to show the kids a social mirror. Make them understand what is it about them that makes the collective pack mark them as victims. Those who don't feel the behaviorism of the collective, must be taught it. Then they can decide how to find their place within some kind of collective, if not in a mainstream one.

Kids are like a pack of wolves. They're cruel and careless, very aware of everything different and either very curious about it or antagonistic towards the difference, both of which can be cruel behaviors. Even if not, their victims may be so far over the edge that they don't recognize when they're not being cruel. They want everyone to play the social game and those who don't... well, they'll try to make them play it, whether they want it or not.
I believe the redeeming quality is the curiosity. If we stand out, we must know how to make an advantage of it. How to sell our uniqueness, how to haggle its price up in the social language. It may need to give it a better package, through a diet, exercise, fashion and minor cosmetic surgery. (pun not intended) But above all, behaviorism is the most important. A bullied one must understand the wolf psychology, the curiosity and animosity and the great hunger for entertainment that sends them hunting in the cold, empty plains of school curricula, snowed with boredom. The boredom is so extreme, that to see some bullying might be a welcome oasis of fun in a desert. Those who stop the bullying may be seen as killjoys.

The anti-bullying website described bullying as a social violence. I often think about poverty, the economic violence. Maybe someone smarter than me will properly identify systematic and systemic boredom as a kind of violence too. Intellectual violence, perhaps?

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