I don't like anything about politics.
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14-01-2013, 02:24 AM
I don't like anything about politics.
While reading a book on ancient greece, I came upon a sentence. "The Nature of political leadership in athens changed shortly after..." and I immediately lost interest. Not because I don't like learning about history but because of that one word 'political'.

Me I believe politics is a sham, only the rich become elected especially so at the top circles. Any government that would dare consider itself a fair democracy would have to have a limit on wealth and decrease the wealth ratio between the elites and the commoners exponentially.

As for now I'm considering all 'democratic' states an oligarchy - aristocracy. And perfectly honest with you, would have really preferred Hitler over this. At least Hitler had a sense of justice and art. Which is more than I can say for this lot. Of course then again I don't believe in the holocaust either, so hitler really isn't a bad choice... I've always said a good dictatorship is better than a bad democracy. Ancient Greece appears to be agreeing with me too! Under the rule of tyrants cities would grow exponentially. Under rule of Adolf Hitler Germany grew exponentially aka: a good dictatorship. See the reason why dictatorships are hated so much by 'democracies' is that they take away the power of the ruling families. Of course then again the dictatorships installed during the cold war by both factions are simply blood lusting power hungry corrupt insecure puppets of their time.

You'd really be surprised at how similar early democratic and modern demo- well I suppose it's nothing to be surprised at really, since the system wasn't changed AT ALL... oh wait it was, they added a 'president' good for them. Other than that nothing has changed, and any historically versed jackass of greek or roman history could tell you all about how easy it would be for the rich to exploit such a flawed system.

P.S. I feel like I should note it in here that the ruling families of ancient greece would often try to defame tyrants after they died or were overthrown... or both... It seems a similar case happened to germany's tyrant recently. Except the ruling family that defamed him was the Rothschild's who did not take to kindly to him taking their wealth and power.
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I don't like anything about politics. - Nappa - 14-01-2013 02:24 AM
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